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In the Marathi language UKAD means to pressure cook or sometimes it is also used synonymously with steam cooked and AMBA means mango so UKAD AMBA literally means steam or pressure cooked mangoes. But this is actually a PICKLE made from whole raw mangoes.

Use small to medium sized raw mangoes which have come to the stage where they have started to go a pale yellow from inside i.e. just on the threshold of ripening. Also use the variety that have maximum pulp and very less strands in it.

This recipe is very ancient and really treasured because very rare households make it now a days. Also it was made majorly in the households close to the konkan belt where in season there is abundance of mangoes in each house.

Coming back to the pickle, since me too am making it for the first time today I have slashed the quantity to almost 1/4th while preparation but I am giving the quantity for making pickle using 1 kg mangoes.



Gabhuleli kairi / lightly yellowing raw mango
1 kg
Rai dal / split mustard seeds dal
1 cup / Approx 200 gms
Methi seeds / fenugreek seeds
1 tsp
1 cup + if req
Red Chilli pdr     
3 tbsp
100 gms
6 tbsp
Rai / Mustard seeds
1 tsp
Heeng / asafoetida
1 tsp
Haldi / turmeric pdr
1 tsp


1.       Soak the raw mangoes in cold water for ½ hour.

2.       Remove and pressure cook them without water. Allow them to cook in their own steam.

3.       Take 2 whistles, enough to half cook the mangoes. Remove and cool.

4.        Hold the mango standing and make 4 slits lengthwise at equal distance but do not cut through. Leave the mango whole.

5.       Heat oil and add in the methi seeds. When they turn light brown remove them and powder them.

6.       In the same oil when it is smoking hot add whole rai when it crackles add Heeng and haldi. Allow to cool completely. Reserve

7.       In the same grinding jar add the rai dal and water. Grind it up till it becomes paste like and the pungent aroma really hits you. In Marathi we say “राई नाकात चढेस पर्यंत फेसा “.

8.       Remove it in a bowl and add to it chilli pdr, salt and the reserved tadka. Mix up well.

9.       Try to stuff this prepared paste as much as possible in the slits made in the mangoes.

10.   Put these stuffed mangoes in a clean and sterile glass jar or ceramic jar.

11.   Pour the remaining masala over the mangoes.

12.   Put on a tight fitting lid and keep in a dry place. You need not keep it out in the sun. They will be ready for consumption in around 15 days. Keep on checking them after every few days as there is a possibility of them developing fungus as all the mangoes don’t remain seeped in the salty mix and since they are pressure cooked there is moisture in it.

13.   They stay good for 1 ½ to 2 months so make the quantity accordingly. Though they may last longer if refrigerated.

NOTE – The salt quantity given is assuming that the raw mangoes are pulpy and have atleast around 40% pulp content. Use your discretion in the use of salt. But remember less salt content also shortens its shelf life.

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