Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Recently in a store I saw chiwda made purely out of  popped wheat and the idea to try and recreate something on similar lines started to form. Now popped wheat was not something that is easily available around so my work started from making that first.

After a bit of looking and peeking around I got a general idea, how to go about making these popped wheat crisps. But all these references used the deep frying method and that was exactly that I didn't want to do. So decided on trying them out in a microwave and must say that I am mighty pleased with the outcome.

Now one thing that you need to remember here is that since this is not corn, it does not pop and curl out like popcorn, so don't be disappointed. Later they were used to make wheat and cornflakes chiwda which I will definitely share soon.



Whole Wheat grain
1 cup
8 - 10 drops
Salt (optional)
½ liter


1.       Wash and soak the whole wheat grain in water for 6 – 7 hours.

2.       Wash it and add in fresh water.

3.       Pressure cook the soaked wheat for 5 – 6 whistles.

4.       Remove and drain. Spread it on to an absorbent paper to soak up all the excess external moisture.

5.       Take 2 – 3 tbsp grain in a bowl and rub into it a few drops of oil.

6.       Spread it directly on the microwave glass plate and micro for 9 – 10 min swirling them around every 1 or 2 min for even cooking till they start popping and crisp up. Remove and cool.

7.        In case you want to deep fry them then heat oil, use a metal strainer and put the wheat grain into it.

8.       Deep fry till it starts to pop and is crisp.

9.       Remove on to an absorbent paper to remove excess oil. Sprinkle salt while still hot.

10.   Store in and air tight container. Use it as needed.

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