Wednesday, 28 May 2014




Milk (room temp)
½ liter
1 ½ tbsp (leveled)
G.M.S. pdr
1 ½ tbsp (leveled)
C.M.C. pdr
⅛ tsp (leveled)
8 tbsp (leveled)
Fresh cream
½ cup
Vanilla essence
½ tsp



1.       Set the fridge at the coldest 1 hour before you make the base. Also keep the container in which you will pour the ice cream base to chill.

2.       From the milk remove out ½ cup. In the ½ cup milk add in the cornflour, sugar, G.M.S. pdr, C.M.C. pdr and dissolve all to make it lump free. The G.M.S. pdr is used to get  thickness and it emulsifies the mix and gives it body. The C.M.C. pdr is used to give stability to the emulsified mix.

3.       Now add this to the milk and put the milk up to boil.

4.       Keep on stirring around with a spoon from the time it is put up on the flame or it will not be smooth and creamy and become lumpy instead because of uneven heating.

5.       Boil it for 3 – 4 min. remove and allow to cool, again keep on stirring till it cools to prevent formation of skin on top.

6.       Pour it into an air tight container with a fitting lid. Also cover the container with a plastic sheet before putting the lid on. This makes it completely airtight.
7.       Freeze the mix for 5 – 6 hours till it almost sets.

8.       Remove it, cut it in chunks, add the cream and vanilla essence and beat the mix till it becomes light and increases in volume.

9.       Pour it back into the container and again freeze chill for 5 – 6 hours till set.

10.   This is your ice cream base which you can use to make various other flavoured ice creams.


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