Wednesday, 14 May 2014




Wheat flour
1 cup
As required
1 tbsp



1.       Mix a little salt in the wheat flour, add water and knead into soft dough.

2.       Apply little oil on your hands and knead the oil into the dough. Keep covered for 10 – 15 min.

3.       Divide into egg sized balls.

4.       Using a little flour roll it a little lengthwise so that you see an elongated oval.

5.       Apply little oil all over the elongated oval. Sprinkle some flour over it.

6.       In the centre of the oval give a pinch so that you can see a figure of 8.

7.       Invert the top half over the bottom half so that it resembles a closed shell.

8.       Press it together, apply some flour and roll the chapatti thinly into a circle.

9.       Put it on a hot griddle. When you start seeing light bubbles on top, flip over.

10.   When the lower side touching the griddle starts getting light brown spots turn over once again.

11.   Cook this side too till it gets light brown spots.

12.   At this stage the chapatti must have already started to puff up and the two layers separate.

13.   Remove and lightly press it on a hard surface or between your hands so that all the sides come loose and both the sides of the chapatti open up.

14.   Serve it along with any vegetable, curry, or gravy.

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