Thursday, 29 May 2014


Mastani is a very popular drink originating from Pune. Majorly it was started by Sujata Mastani but now it is also served by various other outlets.

I am not sure how or after what the word is coined but basically it is a milkshake made with fresh fruit pulp and cream with a huge scoop of ice cream on top with a lot of tit bit goodies that you will bite into. The variety range is very wide but here is the most popular of the lot....Kesar Mango Mastani.....

One word of is a very heavy drink so have it on an empty stomach....and those who are diet conscious...give it a toss and indulge in pure SIN....



Alphonso mango (remove pulp) and reserve 2 tbsp. cubes for garnish
 2 no.
Full cream milk
½ litre
5 – 6 tbsp
Kesar / saffron
½ tsp
Almonds roughly chopped
4 nos
Cashewnuts roughly chopped
4 nos
Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
½ tsp
Saffron ice cream   OR  mango ice cream
1 scoop



1.       Reduce the milk to almost half. Keep on stirring in between while you reduce to prevent burning. You can also use evaporated milk. Cool and chill it.

2.       In a blender add the milk, sugar, elaichi pdr, mango pulp and saffron leaving out a few strands for garnish.

3.       When it has blended well it will look thick and frothy.

4.       Pour into a tall glass till it is ¾ full.

5.       Sprinkle in some almonds, cashews, mango cubes, few strands of saffron and tutti frutti if you have , reserving a few for garnish.

6.       Add the ice cream scoop on top. Garnish with the reserved almonds, cashews, mango cubes, strands of saffron and a cherry or tutti frutti on top.

7.       Serve chilled. This is a very refreshing but heavy drink so make sure you keep ample of space in your stomach or you will just not be able to finish it.

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