Friday, 18 July 2014


Needed to finish off the strawberry crush lying around the house for a long time. There was not much to use so had to manage doing it sparingly with meager quantity but it turned out just perfect.

My neighbor Mrs. Taraben Mehta is a fabulous cook. There are so many recipes that I need to learn from her. So when I asked her, her suggestion was to  make Strawberry and Coconut here you go.....



Strawberry crush
½ cup
Dessicated coconut
5 cups
Granular sugar
1 ½ cup
1 cup
Cream / malai           OR
Milk powder    
½ cup          OR
2 tbsp
10 – 12 nos
Elaichi / cardamom pdr
¾ tsp



1.       Mix together in a heavy bottomed pan the coconut, sugar, milk and strawberry crush. Make sure it is mixed well. If you are using cream / malai then add that too and mix. Do not add the milk powder.

2.       Now put it on a flame and sauté on medium heat.

3.       Keep on mixing and turning it around to ensure even cooking and also because the coconut will start to burn at the bottom of the pan. Be prepared to exercise your arms well. It should take around 10 – 15 min or even more.

4.       In case you feel that the sugar has not melted and is still grainy then add in a few tbsp of milk.

5.       Stand your spoon in the centre of the mix. If it stands upright then it is almost done. If it falls off or even starts to tilt then you need to cook it down a little more.

6.       At this stage the mix would also have started to stick a little at the bottom of the pan.

7.       Now add in to it elaichi pdr and milk powder if you are using it.

8.       Spread a clean plastic sheet on a flat surface. Put this mix onto the sheet.

9.       Use another plastic bag and immediately start to flatten out the mix properly till it is around ½ inch thick.

10.   Stick pieces of cashew in a symmetrical line on to the flattened mix. Make sure the distance between each cashew depends on the size of squares you need to cut. For smaller squares keep it closer for larger squares space out the cashew pieces.

11.   Allow to rest for 5 min. With a clean knife make crisscross cuts to form squares with the cashew piece in the centre of the square.

12.   Do not remove them, allow to cool completely, air dry, do not put in fridge to cool faster.

13.   Now remove them properly and store.


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