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I had seen this recipe on one of the episodes of David Rocco's Dolce India. It looked absolutely easy to make and tempting too. I am not sure of the ingredients quantity that was used on the show coz before I could make a note of it , it just zoomed past and missed it. But the recipe is definitely from the show. Of course use of marmalade is a minor twist of my own and the ingredients quantities are after my trial and error.



Digestive biscuits
10 nos.
2 tbsp
Powdered sugar
2 tbsp
Bananas ripe but firm
2 nos.
Nutella hazelnut spread
2 – 3 tbsp / as needed
Orange marmalade
1 tbsp. + 1 tsp.
Dark chocolate (I used Cadburys dairy milk silk)
90 gms
1 tbsp
3 tbsp




1.       Finely crush the digestive biscuits. Add the powdered sugar to it and incorporate it well.

2.       Put the biscuit crush into a plate, make a well in the centre and pour melted butter in it. Mix it all up till the consistency becomes such that you can shape the crush in your hand or press it into a ball.

3.       Use a round springform pie tin, the one whose base seperates from the ring (something like a sieve). In case you do not have it then use your regular round cake tin. Line the insides of the tin with cling film. This will help in easing out the pie later.

4.       Put the biscuit crush at the base of the tin. Press it down well. Chill in refrigerator for 30 min.

5.       Remove and spread the nutella hazelnut spread liberally over the base. Again chill for 1 hour.


6.       Peel the bananas and slice them roughly into ½ inch roundels. Arrange them evenly on the base.

7.       Lightly melt the orange marmalade and drizzle it evenly over the bananas. You can also coat the sliced bananas with the marmalade before putting it in the tin.


8.       In a double boiler melt the chocolate and butter.


9.       Remove it aside and add to it warm cream.

10.   Beat continuously till it gets a glaze and it is thick but of pourable consistency.

11.   Immediately pour the ganache over the prepared bananas.

12.   Do not use any spoon, just pick up the tin and slowly and carefully swirl it around so that the ganache spreads and evens out on its own.

13.   Freeze for 5 – 6 hours till it sets.

14.   When it has firmed up, try to remove out the entire pie with the help of the cling film making sure not to touch the pie. It’s a little tricky so be very careful.

15.   Remove the film and decorate on top if you like.

16.    Cut into wedges and serve.

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