Thursday, 3 July 2014


A few days ago my son insisted on making chocolate ice cream for him. So there started my hunt for chocolate chips to be put into the ice cream. Disappointment was what was in store for me coz I soon realized that they are not easy to find in the area around.
But then I remembered that there was already a cooking chocolate slab (Morde) at home. So why not make those choco chips at home. So finally have made them and am mighty pleased with myself as they not only turned out to be very quick and easy to make but also quiet inexpensive.   



Cooking chocolate compound dark / milk / white
125 gms
½ tbsp



1.       Oil the insides of a microwave safe bowl.

2.       Put the chocolate into it along with the butter.

3.       Melt it in a microwave on high for 30 seconds.

4.       Mix it around with a fork. It will be warm to the touch.

5.       If the chocolate is still lumpy them micro it for 20 seconds more.

6.       Beat it continuously with the fork. The warmth in the bowl will help melting the remaining chocolate.

7.       Allow it to cool till the time it starts to thicken a bit.

8.       Use a piping bag, in case you don’t have a piping bag then use a disposable zip lock bag. Pour in the entire melted chocolate into the bag.

9.       Spread a clean plastic sheet on a flat surface or your working counter.

10.   Make sure you cut just the pin point end of the bag.

11.   Carefully pipe out small dew drop sized chocolate drops all over the plastic sheet.

12.   Allow them to cool. When they are wet they are shiny. As they dry the chocolate surface will become dull.

13.   Now carefully remove them out and use wherever required.

14.   Your home chocolate chips are ready.

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