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Ukdiche Modak is a delicacy enjoyed almost by all during Ganesh Chaturthi. It is an offering to Ganpati Bappa and then served as prasad to all.

The combination of the filling along with the outer covering made of rice flour which is usually bland creates bursts of flavours. If you get Modak peeth (rice flour especially made only for making Modak) then please preferably use it instead of the regular rice flour. If not then fine rice flour will do.

The process of making Modak peeth is not difficult but is definitely tedious. For it you use fragrant rice like Kolam or Ambemohar. Soak it in water for 15 - 20 min. Drain and spread the rice on a cloth and allow it to dry from outside in shade. It should not be wet to touch. Grind the dried rice in a mixer till it gets to a flour consistency. But usually you will not get the flour to a fine consistency in a mixer grinder so if possible get it done from your local flour grinder (chakki). Sieve the flour with a fine mesh. This flour is used to make Ukdiche Modak.



Scraped fresh coconut
1 no OR 2 large cups
Gul / jaggery OR Sugar OR half of both in equal quantity
1 cup
Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
½ tsp
Modak peeth / Fine rice flour
1 ½ cup
Hot water
1 ½ cup
Loni / White butter
2 – 2 ½  tsp



1.       In a pan add the coconut and jaggery sugar mix. Keep it for an hour to allow the sugar and jaggery to dissolve a little. 

2.      Now heat the pan, stir and mix and keep on mixing it till the sugar just dissolves and mix starts to come together. Do not dry the mix too much as later as it cools it will start to thicken. 

3.       Add little elaichi pdr to taste and switch off the flame. You can add a few roughly chopped dryfruits (almonds, cashewnuts, raisins) at this stage.

4.       Do not overcook and completely dry out the filling. It should still be a little moist.

5.       Allow it to cool completely.

6.       You can make the stuffing one day prior to making the modak.


1.       In a pan take the water. Add salt and loni and bring to a boil.

2.       When it boils simmer and add the rice flour to it.

3.       Stir with a spoon, cover and give it one steam.

4.       Switch off the flame and leave it covered for 15 – 20 min. Do not remove the cover at all.

5.       When its temperature comes down to such that you can handle it with bare hands, remove on to a plate and knead. Apply oil to your hands while kneading.

6.       Sprinkle little water if needed and knead to a smooth, soft and pliable, lump free dough.

7.       Divide into lemon sized portions. You should be able to make around 10 – 12 balls.

8.       Cover them with a moist warm cloth. Never leave them uncovered.

9.       Moisten your hands with the help of oil and water mix.

10.   With the help of your fingers press one ball as thin as possible to form the shape of a cup.

11.   In case you don’t manage doing that then just try and flatten as thin as possible to form a circle.

12.   Keep the ukad circle on your palm and with the help of your fingers try to shape it like a cup.

13.   Take a ball of the stuffing and put it in the centre of the cup.

14.   Pinch the edge of the remaining ukad and keep on turning it around to form kali or mukhri.

15.   With a skilled hand you should be able to form around 10 mukhris per modak.

16.   You can also shape the mukhris first and then stuff the cavity with the stuffing later.

17.   Get all the created petals / mukhris together at the top with light hands to seal them at the top.

18.   Do not give too much pressure here or the petals will get disfigured or spoilt.

19.   Pinch off if there is any excess dough on top and create a point.

20.   Leave them covered under a moist cloth so that they don’t dry off.

21.   Steam them in a steamer for 15 min.

22.   Make sure you keep them on a moist cloth for steaming and also moisten the base of the modak so that they do not stick to the bottom.

23.   Serve them hot immediately with a generous drizzle of ghee / clarified butter.

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