Sunday, 13 September 2015


I just loved the idea of a mug cake. They are quick to make, get assembled fast and cooked in even less time, taste great and are just enough to satiate your immediate sweet cravings. And what more they are a one portion serving so no leftovers. ( That's great, I have a complete aversion for leftovers, just don't want them. You can always make a fresh batch). And the best part you can play so much with the flavors and combinations to make your own. Now this here is my first attempt at a mug cake so it looks a little messy, pardon me for that.

This quantity serves 2. So you either halve the ingredients and make separately in two separate mugs or you make it all together and divide it in two mugs, use your discretion for whichever method you find convenient. I have made in 2 separate mugs and hence used exactly half the quantity in each mug.



Coffee + hot water
1 tsp + 2 tbsp
Ripe banana
1 no
Peanut butter chunky
2 tbsp
Salted butter
2 tbsp
2 tbsp
Refined flour
4 tbsp
Baking pdr
¼ tsp
2 tsp
Cinnamon pdr  
2 pinch
Dark chocolate roughly chopped in chunky pieces
2 tsp


1.       In a microwave safe mug add in the banana and mash it well. Even if the bananas are over ripe and have crossed their prime, may be turned a little dark, that's ok, it does not matter, you would'nt make out the difference in the final outcome.

2.       Now to it add salted butter, peanut butter, sugar, coffee concoction, cinnamon pdr.

3.       Mix all together with a fork and also mash all to incorporate.

4.       Add in the flour and baking pdr and mix it lightly.

5.       In case you find the mix too thick add in a little milk and incorporate.

6.       At this stage if you have made it all together then divide it equally into 2 mugs.

7.       Microwave each mug at high for 1 min.

8.       Incase you find the centre still wobbly and wet then put it in for 30 sec more. Dont micro too much or the end product may turn tough and rubbery.

9.       Remove and sprinkle the chocolate over while it is still hot.

10.   That will help the chocolate to melt a little.

11.   You can also incorporate the chocolate into the batter and garnish with a little on top before you microwave.

12.   It tastes best when served warm.

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