Sunday, 20 September 2015

PANCHAMRUT (TYPE 1) / पंचामृत (प्रकार १)

PANCHAMRUT (TYPE 1) / पंचामृत (प्रकार १)


Tamarind (soaked & remove pulp)
Lemon sized ball
1 ½ time the tamarind
Roasted peanuts (soaked for 4 – 5 hrs & skinned)
10 – 12 no
Green chilli
1 – 2 no
Roasted sesame seeds
3 tsp
Roasted grated dry coconut
1 tbsp
Thinly  sliced dry coconut
7 – 8 pcs
1 small cup
Methi  / fenugreek seeds
8 – 10 nos
1 tsp
¼ tsp
¼ tsp
Rai / mustard seeds
¼ tsp
Thick coconut milk
2 tbsp


1.       Grind to a fine pdr the sesame seeds and grated coconut and mix it with the tamarind pulp.

2.       Heat oil, add in rai, Heeng, haldi, methi seeds and chopped green chillies. Sauté a little and then add in the peanuts and thinly sliced dry coconut. 

3.        When the coconut slices change a little colour add in the tamarind pulp and water.

4.       Allow it to boil and reduce a little. Add jaggery and salt and allow the jaggery to melt.

5.       Put a few drops of the panchamrut onto a plate and tilt the plate. If it does not run then the panchamrut is ready. Remove from flame.

6.       Pour into a serving bowl and add in the coconut milk, mix immediately.

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