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Ice cream scoops (vanilla or any of your choice )
Chocolate sponge cake crumbled
2 cups
Cornflakes crushed fine
2 cups
1 tbsp + as req
3 – 4 tbsp
For deep frying
Chocolate sauce
For topping
Fresh cut fruit
As req.
Toasted chopped nuts
1 tbsp


1.       Make scoops of the ice cream if you are using a tub. 

2.       Mix the cornflour along with the water and make a thin paste or slurry.

3.       Keep your cake crumbs, crushed cornflakes and cornflour slurry ready before you proceed.

4.       Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator to the coldest at least 1 hour before you start.

5.       Try and use a mild flavoured ice cream along with the chocolate sponge. In case you are using chocolate ice cream then use vanilla sponge cake crumbs.

6.       Roll one scoop of the ice cream in the cake crumbs.

7.       Immediately roll it in the cornflour slurry and roll on the cornflakes.

8.       Press them tight onto the scoop but do it with light hands as the heat from your hands will make the ice cream melt.

9.       At the same time you need to be extremely fast in doing this process.

10.   As soon as one scoop is ready put it in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid and put it in the deep freeze.

11.   Proceed with the other scoops the same way and put in the freezer.

12.   Allow to chill for 3 hours.

13.   Now remove the freezing icecream scoops and repeat back the same process as before by giving on it a second layer with cake crumbs, cornflour slurry and cornflakes and put it back in the freezer.

14.   Allow to chill freeze again for 4 – 5 hours.

15.   Depending on your refrigerator if you feel the need then chill a further 2 hours.

16.   Just before serving arrange all the cut fruits on your serving plate beforehand.

17.   Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.

18.   Only when the oil gets to its smoking point remove the prepared scoops from the freezer.

19.   Put one scoop in the oil and fry for not more than 15 – 20 sec.

20.   Just enough for the outer layer to get a light brown colour.

21.   Remove on to an absorbent paper. Proceed the same way with the other scoops.

22.   Put the fried ice cream on the prepared serving plate.

23.   Drizzle chocolate sauce and chopped nuts on top.

24.   Another way of serving. Serve immediately.

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