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Locho or Surti Locho is a popular breakfast from Surat Gujarat. The preparation of it is almost like dhokla. But unlike dhokla which is made from besan or Chickpea flour, Locho is made from soaked split bengal gram and black gram.

Though this base would remain the same, the serving toppings can be varied creating your own different versions of the locho.... 



Chana dal / split Bengal gram
1 cup
Urad dal / split deskinned black gram
1/3 cup
Poha / pressed rice
1/3 cup
Ginger grated
½ tsp
Green chillies
3 – 4 nos
4 tbsp + 2 tbsp
Haldi / turmeric pdr
¼ tsp
Heeng / asafetida
¼ tsp
Eno fruit salt
1 tsp
Crushed peppercorns
¼ tsp
Red Chilli pdr
¼ tsp
Green chutney
As req for topping
Fine sev
As req for topping
Onion chopped
2 tbsp
Lemon juice
3 – 4 tsp
Coriander leaves chopped
As req for topping


1.       Soak separately the chana dal and urad dal for 3 – 4 hours.

2.       Grind the chana dal with little water to form a coarse thick paste. Remove in a container.

3.       Grind the urad dal along with ginger and green chillies till it forms a coarse paste.

4.       Now wash the poha and immediately add it to the grinding jar.

5.       Grind the poha along with the urad dal paste till both are incorporated well.

6.       Pour this batter in the chana dal batter.

7.       Add in the haldi, heeng, 3 – 4 tbsp oil and salt and mix it all well.

8.       Get your steamer ready to steam them.

9.       Add eno to the batter just before you put the batter for steaming.

10.   Incorporate it well into the batter. You will notice that the batter bubbles a little and becomes very light.

11.   Pour this batter into a greased pan. Sprinkle on top with a little crushed peppercorns and chilli pdr.

12.   Steam the batter till it is completely cooked. The timing may vary according to the size of your pan and thickness of your batter in it.

13.   But it should take around 20 – 30 min.

14.   Insert a knife in the centre of the batter, if it comes out clean then the locho is cooked.

15.   You will also notice that the cooked batter starts to shrink and come looses from the sides.

16.   Remove and immediately cut in squares. Scoop out a little of the mix. Even if it breaks no problem.

17.   Serve it immediately on to a serving plate as it is supposed to be had hot immediately out from the steamer.

18.   Drizzle over with a little oil, also sprinkle on top generously as per your liking the green chutney, onion, lime juice, coriander leaves and the sev. Serve also a few green chillies to accompany.

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