Friday, 12 February 2016


This is a quick recipe for making home molded chocolates with Home Made Caramel Sauce. You can use any shape of the chocolate mould and really stuff them with anything of your choice.

I have use ready cooking chocolate bars from Morde, so it really fastens the process once your caramel sauce is ready. Keep your caramel sauce ready one day prior to making these. Will try and post soon the recipe for home made chocolates from cocoa powder. But that's for later, so here you go ....



Dark or milk cooking chocolate bars (I used Morde)
125 gms
Approx. 4 – 5 tbsp or As req.


1.       Break the chocolate bars into bite sized pieces.

2.       Put them in a bowl and melt them on a double boiler.

3.       You can also melt the chocolate in a microwave.

4.       Make sure you check and stir it at every 10 second intervals.

5.       Take any clean and dry chocolate mould.

6.       Lightly brush the base and edges of the mould liberally with the melted chocolate.

7.       Drain off the excess. You can also fill the moulds with the chocolate and then invert it over your container so that excess chocolate drains off. The idea is to create a casing or shell to fill the caramel sauce into.

8.       Keep the mould in the freezer for 5 min for the chocolate to harden.

9.       Remove and put in ½ tsp of the caramel sauce. It should be just enough to cover ¾ of the mould.

10.   Again refrigerate 5 min for the caramel to harden just a bit.

11.   Now cover the tops again with the melted chocolate to encapsulate the caramel sauce completely.

12.   Smoothen the top with the blunt end of your knife.

13.   Refrigerate again 10 min. till it hardens.

14.   Gently pop them out of the moulds. They taste absolutely divine.

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