Thursday, 18 February 2016


Recently my mother had been to Saguna Baug in Neral. From there she got a variety of Manipuri Black Rice or Bhog Rice which is made during pooja and made as an offering to the God.

I must admit, the rice was not at all exciting to look at but even then we decided to give it a try.
The best part of this kheer and of course its because of the rice is its beautiful purple colour, nice fragrance and nutty texture. Needless to say .. we fell in love with it ...



Manipuri black rice
1 cup
3 cups
1 ½ cup
¾ cup
Khopra / Dry coconut thinly sliced
5 – 6 slices
Cashewnuts cut in chunky pieces
4 – 5 nos
7 – 8 nos
Almonds cut in chunky pieces
2 – 3 nos
Ghee / clarified butter
½ tbsp.


1.       Wash the rice, add in the water and pressure cook it for 8 – 9 whistles.

2.       It takes quiet a long time to cook so make sure you give 3 – 4 pressure cooker whistles more than what you would usually give for cooking rice.

3.       Remove and mash it a little with the back of your spoon.

4.       Heat ghee, add in the almonds, cashewnuts, raisins and khopra and saute lightly on a low flame till they get a slight tinge and give off a nutty aroma.

5.       Add in the cooked rice. Also pour in the milk and sugar.

6.       Bring it to a boil and cook slightly for a few minutes till it looks a little porridge like.

7.       Serve hot.

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