Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Who doesn't love ice cream. Rarely there would be someone who doesn't go gaga over ice creams. Just like everybody else ice cream is we love ice creams too and its a staple in out house.

Sine a lot of ice cream is made at home and always stocked up in the refrigerator, a lot of experimentation happens too with a mix and match of various flavors.

Recently my husband got home a pack of dried cranberries. My son is not too fond of them, in fact he is not fond of any kind of dried berries, so was wondering what to experiment it with.

Finally I decided to experiment into my comfort zone, so an ice cream. Teaming it along with pistachios and elevated its flavors to a completely heavenly level. It has turned out extremely delicious and sinful. Do try it out ..... you will not be disappointed.



½ no
Unsalted Pistachios
½ cup
Dry cranberries
½ cup
½ cup
Raspberry red food colour
Less than a drop


1.       Set your refrigerator to the coldest 1 hour prior to making.

2.       Soak the cranberries in ½ cup water for 1 – 2 hours.

3.       Add the soaked cranberries into a pan along with the soaking juices and sugar. If you do not want to keep them whole then just coarse grind them to lightly break the berries up, but do not puree and then add that to the pan along with the sugar.

4.       Bring the mix to a boil and get it syrupy. Add in a little more water if required.

5.       Add in the raspberry red food colour and mix. Allow to cool.

6.       Shell the pistachios, lightly toast them till crisp but they do not change colour.

7.       Remove the pistachio skin and coarsely pound them.

8.       Mix the pounded pistachios in the ice cream base.

9.       Also add in the cranberries along with the syrup. Mix in lightly.

10.   Put in a container with a tight fitting lid.

11.   Put a plastic sheet in between to insulate it completely.

12.   Chill for 5 – 6 hours till just set.

13.   Remove and lightly mix it as the cranberries would have set at the bottom. Mixing helps in distributing them evenly.

14.   Chill freeze again for 3 – 4 hours till set.

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