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A Diwali special faral / snack, Namkeen Champakali / Khari Champakali.

You can also make a sweet verdion of it, for it you make it by using the same method as below (exclude the carom seeds / cumin / onion seeds or pepper). Once fried dip them in sugar syrup of 2 string consistency while still hot and keep them standing for the excess sugar syrup to drain.



Maida / refined flour
1 cup
Owa / carom seeds OR jeera / cumin seeds OR black pepper pdr coarsely ground  OR kalonji / onion seeds (any one or two of these)
1 tsp
3 tsp + for deep frying


1.       Sieve the flour, add salt and owa / jeera / pepper / onion seeds any of your choice into it.

2.       Also add in 3 tsp oil and rub the oil into the flour to create sand like consistency.

3.       Add in water little at a time and create  stiff dough (poori consistency).

4.       Keep covered for 1 hour. Then again knead the dough very well till it is smooth.

5.       Divide the dough into balls a little larger than a marble.

6.       Roll them out into circles making sure they are rolled as thin as possible. Use a drop of oil if the balls stick around.

7.       Now using a sharp knife make vertical cuts (standing lines) as close to each other as possible. But do not cut through, leave a small edge at the curved side.

8.       Now turn it around for the cuts to be horizontally facing you.

9.       Roll the rolled dough holding it at two ends till the end of the circle.

10.   Stick the edges at both ends.

11.   Leave it on a dry plate and allow it to dry a little for 3 – 4 hours.

12.   Keep on turning them around after approx every 45 min for them to dry evenly.

13.   Heat oil in a kadhai till smoking hot.

14.   Reduce the flame on slow and allow the oil to cool a little.

15.   When the oil is just little hot, put in the champalalis, 3 – 4 at a time and fry them on very slow heat so that they are well cooked till the innermost layer and lightly pink brown from outside. Lightly separate out the petals if they are sticking to each other before you put them for frying.

16.   Remove and drain them on to an absorbent paper. Allow to cook and then store in box with a tight fitting lid. 

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