Friday, 17 October 2014




Besan ladoo flour / coarse chickpea flour
500 gms
Ghee / clarified butter
125 gms approx
Powdered sugar
325 gms
Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
1 tsp
Cashewnuts for decoration                        
As required


1.       Heat ghee, as it melts add in the besan. Mix it up well. It will start to clump together and start to look lumpy.  Break the lumps for even cooking.

2.       Keep on mixing and turning around or it will start to burn at the bottom.

3.       It will start to look like gravel or wet sand consistency after some time. Keep mixing.

4.       Slowly in approx 10 – 12 min as the besan starts to cook and the ghee just starts to separate out, the mix will start looking wet.

5.       Keep mixing again. Be prepared for a good wrist and arm exercise.

6.       Now as the ghee will start to ooze out making the mix look liquidy resembling wet cement. The besan would have also changed colour and become a little reddish brown.

7.       Switch off the flame and allow to cool. You will still have to mix it around as the kadhai would be still hot and the mix is still cooking. There is a possibility of the besan at the bottom to still cook even further.

8.       When the mix comes to a temperature where it is still hot but you can manage handling it with your bare hands, add in the elaichi pdr. Also sieve in the powdered sugar.

9.       It is necessary to sieve the powdered sugar as you do not want any sugar lumps getting in it.

10.   Mix it up very well. Shape into smooth lemon sized balls and garnish each ball with a cashew nut. The laddoos should have a smooth surface from outside and have a shine or glaze to it.

11.   If the besan is roasted well then the laddoos would last good for 10 – 15 days at room temperature. If it is not roasted well in ghee or is unevenly roasted then fungus may start forming on it after 3 – 4 days if left at room temperature.

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