Saturday, 21 June 2014




Maggi noodles packet with taste maker
1 no single serve
1 tbsp + for deep frying
Spring onion bulbs sliced
2 nos
Capsicum thinly sliced or cut in juliennes
1 no small
Cabbage shredded
¼ cup
Carrots grated
2 tbsp
Corn kernels boiled
2 tbsp
½ inch piece
2 – 3 cloves
Green chilli
1 no
Chaat masala pdr
½ tsp
Tomato ketchup OR red chilli sauce
1 tbsp
Bread slices
As needed approx 7 – 8 nos



1.       Grind to a coarse paste the ginger, garlic and green chillies.

2.       Heat oil, add in the prepared paste. Fry it till it turns a light brown and the raw aroma goes off.

3.       Add in the onions. Sauté them till they turn soft. Then add in the capsicum, cabbage, corn and carrots (I didn’t add carrots since I didn’t have but there was no difference in taste).

4.       Stir fry on high heat for a min.

5.       Now break the noodles into 4 pieces and add it to the pan along with the tastemaker. Also add in half the quantity of water that you would usually use to make maggi.

6.       Bring it to boil, stir and add in a pinch of salt, chilli sauce and chaat masala pdr.

7.       Switch off the gas when the water evaporates. Since you are adding less water it is necessary that you constantly keep on mixing it around lightly or there may remain uncooked hard portions of the noodles. Also make sure the vegetables are half cooked and they have a bite and crunch.

8.       Also the mix will become dry but still the noodles will be half cooked. Don’t worry that’s intentional because they will cook further as you fry the bread rolls.


9.       In a bowl take around ½ cup water and add in a pinch of salt in it.

10.   Cut the hard edges of the slice bread.

11.   Sprinkle the bread surface with little water just enough to moisten it but not make it soggy.

12.   Keep a tbsp of the stuffing on the bread and shape it back into an oval completely covering the stuffing.

13.   Deep fry them in hot oil till golden brown. Serve hot with ketchup.

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