Wednesday, 1 January 2014




Boil and refrigerate full cream milk or whole milk. You will find a thick layer of cream / sai on top. Remove this cream and store in the refrigerator. In a week’s time enough cream will accumulate. This is the full cream that is used without the milk to make white butter.

Sai / malai / Full cream
1 kg
Sour Curd (culture)
1 tbsp


1.       To the cream add the curd culture, give it a stir and cover and keep it in a warm place undisturbed for 5 – 6 hours for it to set.

2.       If it is summer then it will set in lesser time and in winter it may take a little longer.

3.       Once set use a hand blender to churn the cream.

4.       In summer again you may need to add a little cold water while churning and in winter warm water. This helps in accelerating the churning process.

5.       After some time you will find that the cream separates into a buttery mass and milk.

6.       The milk that you see is the butter milk or taak or chhas that can be used to make mattha, kadhi, or anything else that you would want to use it in.

7.       The buttery mass is the white butter.

8.       Scoop out the butter from the buttermilk. Pour a little water in it and wash it. This water can b poured in the butter milk.

9.       Use the white unsalted  butter as desired.