Wednesday, 15 January 2014

TIL KHOBRYACHI SATORI (तीळ खोबऱ्याची साटोरी)

TIL KHOBRYACHI SATORI (तीळ खोबऱ्याची साटोरी )


Roasted white til seeds pdr / sesame seeds
½  cup
Roasted peanut pdr
½  cup
Roasted grated dry coconut
Ghee / clarified butter
1 tbsp
½  cup
¼ cup
3 tbsp.
Wheat flour
1 cup
1 tbsp + for shallow frying
A pinch




1.       Mix together the sesame seed pdr, peanut pdr and dry coconut.

2.       Put the sugar, Jaggery and water in a heavy bottomed pan. Bring to boil and simmer.

3.       Put a few drops of the sugar syrup in a bowl of cool water.

4.       If you can roll it to make a soft pliable ball then the syrup is ready. This is called the soft ball stage. Switch off the gas.

5.       Put the mixed powders in the syrup with the ghee. Remove from flame and cool. It should become crumbly when it cools.


6.       Mix together the wheat flour, oil and salt and make a hard dough using water.

7.       Rest the dough for 1 hour.



8.       Divide the dough into lemon sized balls. Using very little flour roll to a palm sized circle.
9.       Take this rolled dough in your left hand and hold it such that it resembles a cup.

10.   Put equal quantity i.e. 1:1 of the filling in the cup and take all the edges at the top and seal them well so that it again resembles a ball.

11.   Carefully roll this ball with a rolling pin to a circle a little larger than your palm. Be careful while rolling as the filling might come out.  The trick is to make sure that the rolled dough is thick in the centre and thin at the edges.

12.   Roll lightly but evenly so that the filling reaches the edges of the satori. Or it will form a hard doughy ring at the edge.

13.   Cook on a griddle to a light brown colour on both sides using a little oil. Press the edges for even cooking. This will also help the satori to puff up. They can also be deep fried.

14. Serve hot. These satoris last for 4 – 5 days at room temperature without refrigeration.

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