Monday, 18 April 2016

SWEET CORN BASUNDI / मक्याची बासुंदी

Yummy Sweet Corn Basundi 

SWEET CORN BASUNDI / मक्याची बासुंदी 


Sweet corn kernels
1 cup
Ghee / clarified butter
1 tbsp
Kaju / Cashewnuts
3 – 4 nos
Badam / Almonds
3 – 4 nos
3 – 4 nos
Full cream milk
½ litre
5 – 6 tbsp
Kesar / saffron strands
A few as req


1.       Put the milk in a large pot to boil and allow to reduce till almost half its original quantity.

2.       Keep on stirring continuously as the milk reduces. This will give it a nice, smooth and even creamy texture.

3.       Add in 3 – 4 tbsp sugar as it suits your taste and allow the sugar to dissolve.

4.       Boil the sweet corn kernels till tender.

5.       Reserve a few for garnishing and puree till smooth the remaining corn kernels.

6.       Strain the puree to remove out kernels fibre and skin.

7.       Heat the ghee and add in the dry fruits cut into chunky pieces.

8.       Fry them lightly till they are golden and give off a nice nutty aroma. Remove and reserve.

9.       In the same ghee pour the strained out puree and salute and allow to cook till all the excess moisture evaporates.

10.   To it add 1 tbsp sugar and allow the sugar to dissolve and moisture to evaporate.

11.   Now add this prepared corn puree to the reduced milk or vice versa and give it one boil.

12.   Add in the dry fruits and saffron.

13.   Allow to cool or serve warm garnished with a few of the nuts, saffron strands and reserved whole corn kernels.

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