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BHAJANI CHE THALIPEETH / भाजणीचे थालीपीठ

Bhajani che thalipeeth is a very common breakfast in Maharashtrian homes. Bhajani is a mixture of different grains and dals mixed together and ground to a flour. These Thalipeeths are served along with dollops of freshly churned loni or white butter.

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BHAJANI CHE THALIPEETH / भाजणीचे थालीपीठ


2 cups
Onion chopped
1 no large
Red chilli pdr
¾ - 1 tsp
Jeera / cumin  pdr
½ tsp
Garam masala pdr
¼ tsp
Coriander leaves chopped
2 – 3 tbsp


1.       In a bowl mix all the ingredients. You can add in a pinch of sugar if you like.

2.       Add water as required and knead to a soft dough.

3.       Divide into large balls.

4.       Take a plastic sheet, apply a little mix of oil water to it. (add 1 tsp oil to ¼ cup water)

5.       Oil prevents the dough from sticking to the sheet and comes off easily, and water prevents the dough from drying out.

6.       Keep your dough ball on the plastic sheet and pat with your hands gently to spread it out into a thin circle.

7.       Try and make it as thin as possible.

8.       Make 5 holes on to it. 4 at the sides and one in the centre.

9.       Gently easy it out of the sheet on to your hand and immediately onto the hot griddle.

10.   You can also directly pick up the sheet and invert it over the griddle so that the spread out dough is on to the griddle and then gently peel off the sheet.

11.   You can also use a clean cotton cloth or cheese cloth instead of the plastic sheet.

12.   When the underside of the thalipeeth firms up lightly, flip it over.

13.   Now drizzle oil into the holes and allow to cook till it browns on one side.

14.   Again flip over and brown the other side too.

15.   Serve them hot along with mango pickle and freshly churned loni or white butter.

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