Friday, 18 March 2016


A few days back I had submitted a recipe on Ramen Noodle Burgers ... now here is an Indo-Chinese version of Kababs made using noodles. They are extremely delicious and adults and kids equally are gonna love them ... try out these Noodle Kebabs .... serving them with Schezwan Chutney increases their flavour many fold ... 



Ramen noodles
2 packs
Spring onion bulbs roughly sliced and greens shredded
3 nos
Ginger garlic green chilli coarsely crushed
1 tbsp
Cabbage grated
2 cups
Carrots grated
1 cup
Capsicum finely chopped
1 no small
Potato boiled and mashed
1 no large
Soya sauce
½ tbsp.
Chilli sauce
1 – 1 ½ tbsp
Tomato ketchup
1 tbsp
1 – 1 ½ tbsp.
For frying


1.       Boil the noodles as per the instructions on the pack but without the tastemaker.

2.       Refresh in cold water and drain.

3.       When it has drained off all the excess moisture add to it the beaten egg and mix. You can omit the egg if you like, just increase a little cornflour as required.

4.       Heat 2 tbsp oil, add into it the spring onions and the ginger garlic and green chilli paste.

5.       Stir it around for a min and add in the cabbage, carrots and capsicum.

6.       Allow the vegetables to soften a little.

7.       When the veggies are cooked switch off the flame.

8.       Add into the veggies salt, soya sauce, ketchup and chilli sauce.

9.       Mix and allow the veggies to cool.

10.   When they are cooled add into them the noodles, potato, spring onion greens and cornflour as needed just enough to bind them together.

11.   Mix and mash all together.

12.   Shape them into small kababs. Dust your hands with a little cornflour while shaping them.

13.   Deep fry the kababs in hot oil till brown.

14.   Serve them hot with Schezwan chutney and sprinkle a little more spring onion greens on top.

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