Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Ramen Noodle Burger ...

Saw this first on the youtube channel of POPSUGAR Food and instantly decided there and then that this was definitely a must try burger.

So here it is for you Ramen Noodle Burger ....

Suggestions for Burger Patty -

Besides these you can always use your own signature version for the patty along with chicken, meat or soya.



Ramen noodles
1 packet
2 no
Pepper pdr
Lettuce leaves
1 no
Tomato slices
2 nos
Cheese slice
1 no
Burger patty (any of your choice)
1 no
Tomato ketchup
As req.
Chipotle dressing
As req.


1.       Put water in a pot to boil. When it is bubbling add in the noodles (exclude the seasonings).

2.       Allow them to cook for a min till just cooked.

3.       Drain into a colander and refresh with water to stop the further cooking process.

4.       When all the excess water has drained off transfer the noodles to a bowl.

5.       Add 1 egg to it. Season with salt and pepper. You may also add a little bit of the taste maker seasoning into it if you like. For the veg version sprinkle a little cornflour into the noodles, just enough to make them stick together.

6.       Line 2 bowls or katoris with cling film. Any bowls would do that will give you the size and shape of a burger bun.

7.       Divide the noodle mixture equally into these bowls.

8.       Press them down a little and cover over with the remaining cling film.

9.       Keep some weight on top and chill for 30 min.

10.   Heat a pan, drizzle some oil to shallow fry the noodle buns.

11.   Remove the bowls. Unwrap the cling film from top.

12.   Make the noodle buns one at a time.

13.   Pick them up gently along with the cling film and directly invert them over into the pan.

14.   Peel off the remaining cling film from top.

15.   Cover on top and allow them to cook on one side till lightly browned.

16.   Then gently flip them over and cook the other side too. Remove onto absorbent paper.

17.   Cook the other noodle bun the same way.

18.   Half fry the other egg, sunny side up.

19.   In a serving plate keep one burger bun.

20.   Top over with some lettuce, burger patty, cheese, tomato, fried egg (forgot to put it in).

21.   Drizzle some ketchup and chipotle dressing (optional) or any other of your choice on top.

22.   Top over with the other noodle bun and serve.

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