Tuesday, 31 March 2015




Ghee / clarified butter
1 tbsp
Fansache gare / jackfruit flesh (ripe but firm) chopped
1 cup
Gul / jaggery
½ cup
Naralache doodh / Coconut milk
2 cups
Kaju / Cashewnuts broken in pieces  (toasted)
4 – 5 nos
Velchi pdr / cardamom pdr (optional)    
¼ tsp


1.       Heat ghee , add in the chopped jack fruit flesh.

2.       Sauté it for a min.

3.       Reduce the flame, cover and give it 2 steams.

4.       When you see that the ghee has separated out of the flesh, add in the jaggery.

5.       Stir it and allow the jaggery to melt completely.

6.       Switch off the flame.

7.       Slowly add in the coconut milk. Stir it around.

8.       Again switch on the flame and allow it to heat on a slow flame.

9.       Make sure you keep on stirring it.

10.   When the kheer is hot enough switch off the flame.

11.   Do not allow it to boil or the coconut milk might split.

12.   Add in a pinch of salt, Cashewnuts and cardamom pdr.

13.   Mix and serve hot.

14.   The jackfruit flesh has strong and distinctive flavour so usually I avoid adding cardamom. So here you can use your discretion.

15.   You can also add in raisins and toasted chopped almonds but make sure to remove the skin off them.

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