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This recipe is shared by one of my dear friends Sagina Deshmukh. To her it was shared by one of her chef friends and it is an absolutely mind blowing recipe. My son went berserk with the chicken lollipops and he needed to be reminded that there was dinner as well.

Thank you Sagina dear for this wonderful recipe.



Chicken wings
10 nos
For deep frying
Whole kashmiri Red chillies
10 – 12 nos

2 – 2 ½ inch piece
Garlic cloves
7 – 8 cloves
Green chillies
4 – 5 nos
½ - 1 no
1 no
Onion finely minced
1 no
1 tbsp
Maida / refined flour
3 tbsp
Coriander leaves finely shredded
1 – 2 tbsp


1.       Cut the flesh off the bone from one end of the wings and collect it all on one side of the bone. Wash them and allow them to drain off the water completely. Pat them completely dry on a kitchen towel before use. You will also get ready chicken wings to make lollipops at a local super market near you.

2.       Soak the red chillies in warm water for 15 – 20 min. Give a slit to the chillies lengthwise and remove all the seeds.

3.       Now drain them completely and grind the chillies with a little salt to a fine paste. These chillies do not have heat but they give the distinctive red colour to the lollipops, so the need to use food colour is completely avoided.

4.       Grind together to a coarse paste the ginger garlic and green chillies. Do not use water at all.

5.       Mix together in a bowl the ginger garlic green chilli paste, red chilli paste, onion, egg, and juice of half of the lime.

6.       Now add in the cornflour and maida and make into a thick paste.  Always make sure the proportion of cornflour to maida is 1:3 so in case you need to add some more flour then use accordingly. Add salt.

7.       Check the seasonings of the batter. Add in more lime juice if needed.

8.       Now add in the chicken wings, make sure there is no moisture and rub the prepared batter onto them.

9.       Sprinkle coriander leaves and mix.

10.   Cover and refrigerate allowing them to marinade for 4 – 5 hours.

11.   Heat oil for deep frying till smoking point.

12.   Remove the chicken from the refrigerator and mix it up well. In case you find the batter a little runny or watery then sprinkle some cornflour and maida.

13.   Remove the wings from the marinade and fry the lollipops 1  or 2 at a time. Fry them on high heat on each side for a minute each.

14.   Then reduce the flame to a medium low and fry them further for 5 – 6 minutes turning them to cook from all sides.

15.   Then finally again increase the heat and fry on high flame for a minute more. This method ensures that the lollipops are cooked evenly, and they do not burn outside and remain raw inside.

16.   Remove them on to an absorbent paper and serve them hot along with schezwan chutney.

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