Tuesday, 5 May 2015




Methi / fenugreek leaves shredded
1 cup
Onion chopped
1 no
2 cups
Red chilli pdr
½ tbsp
As req.


1.       Wash and drain the methi leaves.

2.       Roughly shred them.

3.       Mix all the ingredients together except the oil.

4.       Rub the leaves along with the flour. Now add 2 tbsp oil and rub it in.

5.       Add water as required and knead to a very soft smooth dough.

6.       Divide into large balls.

7.       Separately in a bowl mix together ½ cup water and 1 tbsp oil.

8.       Moisten a clean soft cloth with the oil water mix.

9.       Spread the cloth on to a clean flat surface.

10.   Knead the divided balls individually.

11.   Add little more water while kneading if required as the dough ball needs to be soft and loose.

12.   This is necessary as it tends to dry out while cooking if the dough is kept stiff.

13.   Keep the dough ball on to the cloth.

14.   Pat it with your fingers to form into a even circle.

15.   Try and pat it as thin as possible.

16.   Poke 5 holes into it with your finger. 1 in the centre and the other 4 at the sides.

17.   Now carefully pick up the cloth along with the flattened dough and invert it directly over the hot griddle.

18.   Peel off the cloth, moisten as required and continue with the other dough balls.

19.   When the lower side of the thalipeeth is half cooked and colours lightly, flip it over.

20.   Drizzle oil into the holes and allow the thalipeeth to cook completely on this side.

21.   When it browns well flip over and cook the other half done side too till it browns well.

22.   Remove them on to a kitchen towel.

23.   Serve hot with pickle and home churned loni / makkhan or white butter.

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