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Elaichi kela / small bananas ripe but firm
4 nos
Maida / Refined flour
2 tbsp
2 tbsp
Baking powder
½ tsp
½ cup
Butter scotch icecream scoops
4 nos
Til seeds / sesame seeds toasted
½ tsp
Chocolate sauce
For garnishing
For deep frying
Chilled water with ice cubes
8 - 10  nos


1.       Mix together the maida, cornflour, baking pdr and salt.

2.       Add in water as required and make a thick batter, but it should be of pouring consistency.

3.       Simultaneously add the sugar to the pan and leave it on a verryyyy slow flame.

4.       Do not use a spoon or anything else to stir.

5.       Gradually the edges will start to melt and colour will start turning to brown.

6.       In case you need to mix the sugar then lightly swirl and shake the entire pan.

7.       Gradually the entire sugar will turn to a golden brown and then to a little dark brown. Be careful as to not allow it to burn.

8.       Add in 1 tsp of hot water if you feel the sugar starting to burn.

9.       Leave the caramel to a simmer.

10.   Peel the bananas. Cut them into half and dip them in the batter.

11.   In case you do not have the smaller banana variety you can use the regular available bananas.

12.   Make sure you cut them into 3 even sized portions then.

13.   They should be ripe but firm, or they will turn into a mush when fried.

14.   Coat the bananas with the batter and deep fry them in hot oil.

15.   When they are golden brown, remove and immediately drop them in the bubbling caramel.

16.   Coat them in the caramel evenly on all sides.

17.   Remove and drop them in the bowl with chilled water and ice cubes.

18.   This helps in quickly hardening up the caramel coating.

19.   Remove the bananas on to a kitchen towel and sprinkle sesame seeds over it.

20.   Serve the banana toffee along with butterscotch icecream.

21.   Drizzle over with chocolate sauce.

22.   You can also serve them with vanilla icecream or any other flavour you like.

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