Friday, 9 January 2015




2 tbsp
Refined flour
2 tbsp
Warm milk
1 cup approx.
White pepper pdr                           
Nutmeg pdr
A pinch


1.       Put the butter in a microwave safe bowl. Micro on high for 20 sec.

2.       Remove and add in the flour, mix it along with the butter. Micro for 30 sec.

3.       Micro twice or thrice again on high for 20 - 30 sec each. Stir and mix in between each interval to assist in even cooking.

4.       Make sure you have a whisk handy. Slowly pour in the milk and simultaneously keep on whisking all three i.e. the butter, flour and milk together to make it smooth and lump free.

5.       Again micro on high for 40 – 50 sec. mix and beat it using a whisk and again micro for 40 – 50 sec. By now the sauce would have thickened. Add more milk if needed, whisk to make it lumpfree and micro for 30 sec more.

6.       I have made thick sauce as that's what I needed for a recipe. But depending on how thick or thin sauce you need you can decrease or increase the amount of milk.

7.       Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg pdr. Use as per the given recipe in which needed.

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