Saturday, 10 January 2015


Have been wanting to make Hasselback Potatoes for a long time now. The way it looked after baking was really fascinating and it intrigued me.

So here I have tried to incorporate Hasselback Potatoes in a Gravy and made an Indianized version of it. It tastes absolutely delicious ..... and don't you think it looks beautiful.......



Baby potatoes
12 nos
Oil + butter
2 tbsp
chilli pdr, haldi, jeera pdr, dhania pdr, chaat masala pdr, Amchoor pdr / dry mango pdr, garam masala pdr and salt
1 tsp each

Onions finely minced    
3 nos
Tomato pureed
2 nos
Ginger garlic paste
1 tbsp
Jeera / Cumin seeds
1 tsp
Jeera pdr / cumin pdr
½ tsp
Dhania pdr / coriander pdr
1 tsp
Garam masala pdr
¼ tsp
Red chilli pdr
1 tsp
Haldi / turmeric pdr
¼ tsp
Curd beaten smooth
2 tbsp
Cashew nut paste
1 tbsp
Coriander leaves chopped
2 – 3 sprigs
1 tbsp



1.       Mix together 1 tsp each of all the dry masalas like chilli pdr, haldi, jeera pdr, dhania pdr, chaat masala pdr, Amchoor pdr, garam masala pdr and salt.

2.       Wash the potatoes and wipe them dry. Leave the skin on.

3.       Place them on a board or counter. Skewer them at the ends (leaving around 1/4 at the base of the potato) with toothpicks from both sides. For larger potatoes you can use a chopstick.

4.       Slice them as thinly as possible till the end (till you reach ¾ of the potato) but do not slice through. Make sure the base is intact. The toothpicks at the base will ensure that but nevertheless be careful.

5.      Remove the toothpicks. Drop them into chilled water and leave them for around 30 min. this ensures that the starch in between the sliced potato is removed. Remove and wipe dry.

6.       Arrange them on a baking tray. Drizzle a little mix of the oil+ butter. Bake in oven at 180° C for 15 min.

7.       When half done drizzle a little more of the oil butter mix and make sure it seeps into the nooks and corners of the potatoes. Bake again for 10 min. by now the sliced potato would have opened out like a fan.

8.       Remove and sprinkle the mixed masala mixture generously over the potatoes. Make sure the masala enters the opened out potato fan.

9.       Drizzle more oil if required and bake again for 10 min.

10.   Remove from oven just before serving and poke small sprigs of coriander leaves in the grooves.

11.   Or you can heat 1 tsp oil and add in the mixed masala, fry them in oil and switch off the flame. Do not allow the masalas to burn. Drizzle this over the potatoes once they are baked and out of the oven.


12.   Heat oil, add in the ginger garlic paste, when its raw aroma goes off add the onions.

13.   Sauté in medium heat till soft, golden brown and oil starts to separate out.

14.   This is necessary as the colour of the gravy would depend on it. Also the gravy would lighten a little with the addition of curd and cashew paste so make sure the onions are browned well but not burned.

15.   Now add in the tomato puree and again sauté till the tomato is cooked and oil starts to separate out.

16.   Add in all the masalas and fry them in oil for half a min.

17.   Switch off the flame and allow the masala to cool.

18.   Grind this into a smooth paste.

19.   Heat 1 tsp oil, add in cumin seeds. When they splutter add in the ground paste.

20.   Sauté it a little. Add in the curd, cashew paste and salt, stir and simmer. The gravy will thicken a little.

21.   Add in 1 cup water and allow to boil.

22.   Arrange the gravy on a serving bowl. Keep the prepared hassleback potatoes over it. Pour the prepared masalas in oil over it.

23.   Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with roti, phulka, naan etc.

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