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When I saw this bread for the first time, it was love at first sight. It looks so spectacular that you just get drawn to it.

To top it up, what also draws you is the aroma of freshly baked bread along with cunningly hidden layers of nutella. And the taste, do I really need to tell you about it ........

This recipe is sourced from posted by Chida88. From the original recipe. the quantity here is cut into half, but if you want to make extra, then just double up the measures.



Refined flour
225 gms / 1 ¾ cup + 1 tsp
Active dry yeast
1 tsp
Warm milk
4 – 5 tbsp
¼  cup less 1 tsp
Butter melted
1 tbsp
Egg (separate the yolk / white)                           
1 no
Vanilla essence
½ tsp
A pinch
Nutella spread
4 tbsp approx


1.       Leave the jar of nutella in hot water for it to melt a little and become spreadable.

2.       To the yeast add sugar, milk and sprinkle 1 tsp flour.

3.       Make sure the milk is just warm. Hot milk will kill the yeast and not allow to develop.

4.       Allow it to sit in a warm place approx 10 – 15 min, till the yeast mix starts to froth.

5.       In a plate or a wide based bowl add the flour. Make a well in the centre.

6.       In the well pour in the egg yolk, developed yeast, butter, vanilla essence.

7.       Add milk little at a time and knead to a soft smooth dough.

8.       Cover with a moist warm cloth and leave it to rest in a warm place for around 1 ½ hour / 90 min or till the dough doubles up in size.

9.       Sprinkle salt on a greased surface. Knead or punch back the dough again to remove any excess air. While doing this make sure the salt gets well incorporated into the dough.

10.   Divide the dough into 4 equal sized portions.

11.   Roll out all the dough balls into thin equal sized circles like a chapati. They would be approximately the size of your spread out palm.

12.   Keep one rolled out chapati portion at the base.

13.   Generously spread nutella from the centre, leaving a small edge.

14.   Keep the second and the third chapati and repeat the process applying nutella in between.

15.   Now finally keep the final fourth layer on top.

16.   Make sure you match the edges while you place them one on top if the other.

17.   Now transfer this entire thing on to a greased baking tray.

18.   Keep a glass right in the centre of these layers. Keep it lightly, do not press it down.

19.   From the edge of the glass divide the dough first into 4 quarters.

20.   Then give 4 more cuts dividing these quarters in half.

21.   Finally again divide all these portions in half.

22.   This means that you will be making around 16 cuts starting from the edge of the glass to the edge of the chapati. You can remove the glass now.

23.   Holding the adjacent cut portions in your fingers, twist them both simultaneously in the opposite directions. Try and arrange the edges together to resemble the edge of a petal.

24.   Repeat the same for all the cut portions. By now it will start resembling more like a star or a flower.

25.   Lightly beat the egg white and brush the bread surface with it.

26.   Bake at 180 ° C for approx. 15 min or till the top surface turns a nice golden brown.

27.   Remove and serve warm with tea.

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