Monday, 21 April 2014


I have been wanting to make this dip for a long time now. Some how it just wouldn't materialize. Finally managed to make it yesterday for dinner which was served as an accompanying dipping sauce with Pita pockets / Falafal.......their marriage is ideal for the summer, as it fills you up but still is so light and refreshing. That's what you look out for in the summers isn't it???? 



Hung curd
1 cup
Cucumber / Kakdi grated
1 no
Mint leaves  / pudina shredded
15 – 20 nos
Garlic cloves grated
4– 5 nos
Pepper pdr
¼ tsp
Lime juice or vinegar
1 tsp


1.       Beat well the hung curd to get a smooth consistency, or pass it through a sieve.

2.       Deseed and grate the cucumbers and squeeze out the water.

3.       In a bowl mix together all the ingredients, check for seasonings, and adjust as per taste.

4.       Chill till further use.

5.       Can be used in pita bread, falafel or served with bread sticks, nachos or sticks of carrot, cucumber etc.

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