Thursday, 7 March 2013


Have you make clarified butter/ ghee/ toop at home? If you have then this recipe is going to be really very useful for you. I have always seen my mother make toop at home. Getting up in the morning with the smell of freshly prepared bubbling ghee is etched in my memory, because the fragrance you just cant miss.

When you make ghee at home you will notice the browned residue at the bottom of the pan. They are the caramelized milk solids after the fat separates and floats on top. This caramelized residue is called tupachi beri / beri. You can make this beri useful by making a sweet cake as given below or a savory cake.



Tupachi beri
½ cup
Rawa / semolina
1 cup
¾ cup
1 cup
Cardamom pdr./ elaichi pdr / velchi pdr.
½ tsp
Eno / soda
1 tsp


1.       Mix together all the ingredients except eno / soda. Pass it through a blender so that it gets even and smooth consistency.

2.       Keep this prepared mix covered for 30 min so that the semolina absorbs the moisture.

3.       Just before baking add the eno and again pass it through a blender for it to mix evenly.

4.       Pour in a cake tin and bake in the oven for 10 min at 170°C.

5.       Or microwave high for 4 min and low for 4 min.


1.       This cake gets cooked very fast so keep a watchful eye on it.

2.       Since the beri used in it is a by product of the ghee making process there is no need of adding butter to the batter.