Wednesday, 27 March 2013


1 big cup
Granular Sugar
½ big cup
½ tbsp
Powdered sugar
2 tbsp
Cardamom pdr/ Elaichi pdr
Of 1 elaichi

1.       Mix together the curd and grain sugar. Keep on a medium flame. Keep on moving the mixture in the pan.
2.       In a separate plate or a saucer keep some water handy.
3.       When the sugar melts and it starts to bubble or foam remove from heat. Put a drop of the mixture in the saucer. Check the consistency of the drop. It should be able to be rolled into a soft ball.
4.       If it doesn’t then put the pan back on heat for some time. Repeat the process till the above mentioned consistency is achieved.
5.       As soon as this consistency is achieved remove the pan from heat. Add the ghee in it and keep on mixing till the mixture cools a little and the spoon starts taking a little effort to move. This is because as the mixture cools it starts to thicken making it a little difficult to mix it with the spoon.
6.       When the pan cools enough that even though its still hot you can manage to handle it with your bare hands add the powdered sugar and elaichi pdr.
7.       Grease a plate with ghee and pour this mixture in the plate and spread evenly.
8.       Depending on how thick you want the vadis you can increase or decrease the size of the plate.
9.       Cut them as per the size required. Remove them when they cool.

1.       If powdered sugar is added when the mixture is hot then eventually the mix becomes very runny and you need to mix it for a very long time till it thickens into a ball like consistency. When it reaches this stage roll it out like a chapatti but a little thicker. Cut, cool and then remove.