Monday, 2 May 2016


Graham Crackers was one ingredient that showed up a lot of times in a lot of recipes that I researched for. Since they were difficult to find in the area around my place I had to look out for other options.
So looking around and searching around for the recipe for Graham Crackers, came across this wonderful youtube channel of Gemma Stafford. Her recipe looked easy enough to give a try. The entire recipe is completely hers, and I must say they turned out pretty decent. So here is her recipe for Graham Crackers.



Whole wheat flour
2 cups
Light brown sugar (blitz a little if the sugar is grainy)
1 cup
Baking soda
1 tsp
Cinnamon pdr
1 tsp
¾ tsp
Butter chilled cut in pieces
7 tbsp
3 tbsp
⅓ tsp
Vanilla extract
2 tsp


1.       In a food processor add in the wheat flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon pdr and blitz it all together to combine.

2.       To it add in the chilled butter and blitz till it forms coarse bread crumb like texture.

3.       In a separate bowl mix together the milk, honey and vanilla.

4.       Gradually add in the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and blitz in shorts bursts till they combine all together.

5.       Remove out on to a working counter.

6.       Bring it all together to form into a dough. Make sure you do not knead as that will form gluten in the mix and make it chewy.

7.       Wrap it up in cling film and allow to refrigerate for around 2 hours.

8.       Remove, use a little flour for dusting if required and roll out to form a rectangle.

9.       Instead of making one big rectangle, I divided the dough into 4 portions and rolled them out separately.

10.   Cut them with a round or rectangular cookie cutter. I had neither of them handy so used free hand. So the crackers are not uniform in shapes.

11.   Give an imprint of a line in the centre of your cracker shape, but do not cut through.

12.   On either sides of the line make small 4 indentations with the fork.

13.   Put them on to a greased baking tray.

14.   Bake in a preheated oven at 180° C for 10 – 12 min.

15.   You may have to turn around the tray half way into baking if your oven does not heat evenly.

16.   Allow to cool and remove them out on to air tight container.

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