Saturday, 2 August 2014


Yesterday was Naag Panchami....when we do pooja of the Shesh Naag (the seat of Bhagwan Vishnu)  .... its a festival in the month of Shravan ..the month which is followed by many Hindus as the month of cleansing...all their misdeeds and sins......eating only satvik food (no non veg) and praying.

Shravan is the month when you get to eat sweet delicacies throughout the month. Coming back to Naag Panchami ...on this day we are not cupposed to cut or chop anything. Many also follow the no frying policy. Hence on this day we make Puran che Dinde or Dinda ( पुरणाचे  दिंड ). Now if you have made puran poli then the stuffing is the same but since there is no use of any blade the puran is overcooked and mashed, then stuffed in a wheat flour thinly rolled circle, folded packed and parceled like into an envelope and steamed like modak. they are eaten hot fresh out of the steamer (the taste starts to dwindle as they get cold) with an extra dollop of ghee and Katachi Amti.



                              PURAN (STUFFING)
Chana dal / split Bengal gram
1 cup
½ cup
½ cup
A pinch
Haldi / turmeric pdr                        
A pinch
Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
¼ tsp
Jaiphal pdr / nutmeg pdr         OR
Lavang pdr / Cloves pdr
1/8 tsp       OR
1/8 tsp
Wheat flour
1 cup
2 tbsp
As required




1.       Wash and soak the chana dal in 2 ½ times the amount of water for 2 hours. Or as it is use 3 times the amount of water.

2.       Pressure cook the dal with a pinch of haldi for atleast 5 – 6 whistles till the dal is almost a soft mush. Not the whistles depend on the individual cookers so use your discretion.

3.       Remove and pour out the dal in a strainer to remove out all the water. Do not throw out dal water, it is called Kat (कट) used to make Katachi Amti ( कटाची आमटी ).

4.       Transfer the hot dal into a bowl and mash it with the back of a spoon as much as you can. Do this while still hot, once it cools down you will find it difficult to mash.

5.       Now to this dal mash add the jaggery and sugar. Mix up well and put it in a flame.

6.       Mix well. The sugar and jaggery will start to melt. Lower the flame at this point of the mix will start to burn at the bottom.

7.       Keep on stirring and mixing it around.

8.       As the sugar melts the mix will first start to liquefy and become runny. Then slowly it will start to thicken.

9.       When the mix starts to leave sides and starts to lift from the bottom as you stir forming a ball, or the spoon that you use to stir, stand it in the centre. If it stands erect on its own and does not fall off then the mix is ready.

10.   Switch off the flame immediately. Add in the salt, elaichi pdr and jaiphal pdr.

11.   Mix it around and allow to cool.  It is necessary to make sure the mix cools completely before further use.


12.   To the wheat flour add little salt and make a semi hard dough.

13.   Knead oil into the dough and allow to rest for 30 min.


14.   Divide the dough into small lemon sized balls.

15.   Roll out the ball into a thin saucer sized circle, just like how you would roll a phulka.

16.   Keep 1 tbsp of the puran / stuffing in the centre.

17.   Fold over opposite sides of the dough to make a packet just like an envelope.

18.   Get 4 – 5 of them ready at a time. Steam them in a steamer for approx 15 – 20 min.

19.   Serve them hot immediately with a generous dollop of home churned ghee / clarified butter and hot Katachi Amti at the side. Usually a healthy individual is knocked out in 1 or 2.

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