Friday, 15 August 2014


Do you love tandoori roti, what I love about it is the light burnt smoky flavor that is gets from the tandoor. And that too this you can only have it when you go to a restaurant as tandoor is not something that every one has at home.

Now there are two ways of making them at home, lets say the mock methods, one on a griddle and the other in a pressure cooker. The method shown today is about how to make it on a griddle as that's the easiest to do. Again the roti made today is of whole wheat flour but ideally its made from refined flour.

One more thing.....Just make sure you use a griddle with a handle. So here we go.....




Wheat flour
1 cup
A pinch
As required
½ tbsp
Butter (optional)
1 tbsp



1.       To the wheat flour add in salt and using water knead it into soft smooth dough.

2.       Apply oil to it and again knead well. Cover with a cloth and allow it to rest for 15 – 20 min.

3.       Divide into equal sized balls and roll each ball into a roti which is a little thick and about the size of a quarter plate.

4.       Heat the griddle till it is smoking hot.
5.       Lightly brush the rolled out dough with little water. You can also dab a little water with a cloth but make sure it is just moist and not soaking wet.
6.       Put the rolled out roti on to the griddle making sure the moist side is touching the hot griddle.

7.       Immediately it will start to form large bubbles on top and the roti will stick to the griddle. If that does not happen then the griddle is not hot enough.
8.       When the bubbles on the surface of the roti stop forming invert the entire griddle over the open high flame.
9.       Move the griddle around to make sure the roti gets even heat on all sides.
10.   As it cooks on the open flame it will start to loosen up a little from the base.
11.   Remove it out with a flat spoon.
12.   Apply some butter on top and serve hot with any Indian curry.
13.   The same can also be made using refined flour which is conventionally used in making a tandoori roti.

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