Saturday, 29 June 2013


The other day I had the prepared pizza sauce left in my fridge with no pizza base left, wondering what to do with so much of sauce. Saw bread and thought of making a sandwich out of it. Something new to taste as well as utilizing the leftovers. The sandwiches were mopped up in seconds. Hope you all like it.



Bread slices
8 – 10 nos
As  req.
Left over pizza topping with sauce
1 cup
2 nos
2 nos
Capsicum red, yellow and green
1 each
Baby corn sliced & blanched        OR
Sweet corn boiled
4 – 5 nos       OR
2 - 3 tsp
Button mushrooms
8 – 10 nos
Fun foods pasta and Pizza sauce
3 - 4 tbsp
Jalapeno peppers
2 nos
Olives black or green
3 - 4 nos
Crushed black pepper
1/4 tsp
Chilli flakes
¼ tsp
Mix herbs
1/2 tsp
Processed Cheese grated
1/2 cup
Olive oil
As req




1.       Chop finely the onions, tomato and capsicum and keep separately.

2.       Heat 1 tsp oil, add the onions. Sauté on a slow flame till they become very soft start leaving oil and completely loose out their moisture.

3.       Now add the tomatoes to it and again make sure you cook them on a slow flame till they again loose out most of their moisture and it starts leaving oil at the sides. At the same time it starts to come together like a paste or chutney.

4.       Now add the capsicum and corn. Switch off the flame and add sliced mushrooms. The capsicum and mushrooms will cook in the heat of the onion and tomato mix.

5.       Now to this add the pasta pizza sauce, crushed black pepper, mix herbs, chilli flakes and chopped jalapeno peppers. Add salt sparingly if required as the pizza pasta sauce already has salt. Make sure this filling is saucy with very less moisture or the sandwich will become soggy.

6.       Butter the bread slices. Put the prepared filling in between. Sandwich between two slices of bread and grill it in a griller.

7.       If you do not have a griller or sandwich toaster then you can even do this on a pan.

8.       When it is toasted golden brown on both sides remove it, slice in half to make two triangles and sprinkle grated cheese on top.

9.       If you like it put cheese on the filling before sandwiching it between slices or you can also make it like an open sandwich or bread pizza with cheese on top. Add slices boiled egg in between in the sandwich to give it a different flavor and variety.