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RUSHI CHI BHAJI / ऋषीची भाजी

Rushi panchami is the second day of Ganesh Chaturthi. On this day a special mix vegetable is prepared with all those vegetables that are either grown in your back yard or they grow wild. No vegetables are used which are grow by the efforts of the use of a bullock to plough the fields.

The preparation itself is very satvik. In the olden times the Rishis used to live in the jungles and they did not use any spices to perk up their food. This vegetable is made the same way without the use of oil or spices. But dont think that it would taste bland, it is extremely tasty and brings out all the flavours of all the veggies used.

RUSHI CHI BHAJI / ऋषीची भाजी 


Laal bhopla / red pumpkin cut in cubes
1 cup
Doodhi / cut in cubes
1 cup
Bhendi / lady finger / okra sliced
1 cup
Kakdi / Cucumber peeled deseeded and cubed
1 cup
Alu chi paane / colocasia leaves shredded
1 cup
Laal math / red amaranth leaves shredded
1 cup
Hirva math / green amaranth leaves shredded
1 cup
Suran / yam peeled and cut in cubes
1 cup
Corn on the cob cut in 2 – 3 pieces OR corn kernels
1 no OR 1 cup
Ghosale / cut in cubes
1 cup
Dodka / shirali / ridge gourd peeled and cubed
1 cup
Padval / snake gourd cut in half, deseed and slice
1 cup
1 cup
Chinch / tamarind pulp
¼ cup
Gul / jaggery
1 tbsp OR T.T.
Scraped fresh coconut
1 cup
Rock salt
Green chillies
3 – 4 nos


1.       Prepare all the vegetables as given above.

2.       Apply a little tamarind pulp to the suran and alu leaves and keep for 10 – 15 min.

3.       Put all the vegetables along with the chillies in a heavy bottomed handi or kadhai.

4.       Switch on the flame and mix them all together.

5.       When the veggies heat up, put the flame to a simmer, cover with a plate on top and pour a little water on the plate.

6.       Almost all the veggies used has high water content so we need not add any external water into it. But at the same time keeping water on the cover plate ensures that the veggies do not burn.

7.       When the vegetables are half cooked, add in the tamarind pulp and jaggery.

8.       Stir and mix with light hands.

9.       When all the veggies are cooked, sprinkle in the scraped coconut and rock salt.

10.   Serve along with bhakri and lasun / garlic chutney.

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