Sunday, 1 February 2015


Egg Drop Soup tastes absolutely, especially during winters. It quiet filling and can serve as a wholesome meal in itself.

To make this soup there was no stock handy, neither did I have soup cubes. Usually as a standard practice, there are always shredded stir fried vegetables (cabbage, carrots, capsicum, green beans) in my fridge. They are great to put together in a variety of recipes, especially when you are in a hurry. Add them into soups, cutlets, patties, Chinese stir fries, koftas, really into anything that calls for veggies.

So what I did, added 2 tbsp of these vegetables in 4 cups water, boiled and reduced down to approx 3 cups. Strained and my stock was ready.

Since leftover soup is no fun, its necessary to make it in just the right quantity. The ratio that I follow is 1 cup stock and 1 egg per pax / person.



Vegetable stock / chicken stock / soup cubes
3 cups / 2 nos
3 nos
1 ½ - 2 tbsp
Ginger grated
½ tsp
Green peas
2 tbsp
Carrots grated  
2 tbsp
Pepper pdr
Soya sauce
1 tsp
Vinegar (Optional)
1 tsp
Spring onion greens finely shredded
2 – 3 tbsp


1.       To the stock add ginger, carrots, peas, soya sauce (which I forgot), vinegar, salt and pepper. You can also add 2 sliced mushrooms if you like.

2.       Bring it to a boil and simmer. Make sure the vegetables are cooked. 

3.       To speed up the process you can add in parboiled peas.

4.       In a separate bowl break in the eggs. Add in ½ tbsp of cornflour to it and beat well.

5.       When the eggs are a little frothy, keep a fork on the edge of your bowl. Pour the eggs in a slow thin stream through the tines of the fork.

6.       Simultaneously with your other hand whisk the soup. The egg will start looking silken and feathery.

7.        Dissolve the remaining cornflour in water, or you can also remove out ¼ cup stock before you keep it to boil and use it to dissolve the cornflour.

8.       Add the cornflour to the pan and allow the stock to thicken a little.

9.       Check for seasonings and adjust accordingly.

10.   Sprinkle a little spring onion greens into the soup, reserve some for garnish.

11.   Serve piping hot immediately garnished with more greens.

12.   Once it drops its temperature a little bit, it may not taste as good, reheating also will make the egg tough.

13.   So in case you have to make it in advance then get everything else done prior, except the eggs.

14.   Just before serving you can add them and serve piping hot.

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