Thursday, 31 October 2013


This is my mother-in-laws special no fail Chirote recipe .....and its definitely worth all the effort.



Maida / refined flour
2 cups
Vegetable fat / margarine (melted)
½  cup
Fine rawa / fine semolina
1 cup
½ tsp
Arrowroot pdr / Cornflour
3 tbsp
Vegetable fat / margarine (melted)
½ cup
Powdered sugar
1 cup
Vegetable fat
For deep frying



Melt the vegetable fat; add in the arrowroot powder and mix well to remove all the lumps to form a paste like consistency. Use as required.


1.       Mix together all the dough ingredients and make smooth and soft dough. Allow to rest covered for 1 hour.

2.       Divide it into 8 portions. Roll one portion into the size of a poori, apply melted vegetable fat evenly onto the puri and fold it into a triangle. Repeat the same for the remaining 7 portions. Always keep the dough covered or it will dry out and will start to crack.

3.       Roll out thinly the prepared triangle again into a circular chapati.

4.       Apply a layer of the satha onto the chapati.

5.       Tightly roll the chapati from one end to the other so that it resembles a pipe. Press tightly and elongate the pipe.

6.       Cut into 2 inch pieces. Repeat the same for the remaining 7 portions.

7.       Press down each piece such that the spiral shape is seen at the top and bottom.

8.       Roll out thinly these pieces again into round puris. Repeat for all portions. Make sets of 7 puris.

9.       Take one puri, apply satha liberally on it and keep the second puri on it. Make sure you also apply on the edges. Again apply satha and keep the third puri. In this way repeat till you layer all the 7 puris together one on top of the other.

10.   Repeat like step 5. Make sure you roll it tightly so that the entire thing sticks together.

11.   Now cut into 1 inch pieces.  

12.   Press the smooth side lightly with the edge of your hand so that you can see a rectangular shape with the open ends at the side. This gives it a rectangular shape. You can also press down on the cut side so that all the spirals are seen on top. Then roll it lightly with a rolling pin to a small circular shape. This way the flakes are seen on the face and not the sides. (Shown in the first image, its right in the centre)

13.   With a rolling pin roll once again once on the length and once across to flatten it a little.

14.   Spread them onto a clean cloth and allow to dry for 6 – 7 hours. Keep on turning it at regular intervals so that it dries from both the sides.

15.   Deep fry on medium heat till it turns pink on both sides. It will puff up and all the layers on the sides will open up. Remove onto a paper towel.

16.   Sprinkle powdered sugar on both the sides while it is hot or the sugar will not stick on to the chirote. Cool and store in an air tight container. You can also make sugar syrup of 1 string consistency and roll them in the syrup instead of sprinkling powdered sugar. Then they are called PAKATLE CHIROTE.

17.   Be careful while handling as it is very delicate. Do not pile them up when you store or they will break.