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VEGETABLE PULAV ( वेजिटेबल पुलाव )

VEGETABLE PULAV ( वेजिटेबल पुलाव )


Cauliflower florets
8 – 10 nos
French beans cut in 1 inch pieces
½ cup
Carrot juliennes
½ cup
Baby corn cut in ½ inch pieces
5 – 6  nos
Sweet corn kernels
¼ cup
Onion sliced
1 no
Capsicum cut in juliennes
1 no
Garlic cloves sliced in length
7 – 8 cloves
Green chillies
2 nos
Basmati rice
1 cup
Boiling hot water
2 cups
1 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Velchi / cardamom
2 – 3 nos
Kali miri / Pepper corns
4 – 5 nos
Lavang / cloves
2 – 3 nos
Tamalpatra / bay leaf
2 nos
Dalchini / Cinnamon
1 inch stick



1.       Wash the rice, drain completely and keep for 15 minutes.

2.       Heat 1 tbsp oil, add in the whole masalas like pepper corns, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaf. Sauté till lightly coloured.

3.       Now add in the drained rice and sauté for some time till the rice grains get transparent and dry. They grains also start looking separate from each other.

4.       Pour in the hot water in the rice. When it bubbles, add salt and simmer on low flame covering with a lid.

5.       When the water is almost absorbed and the grains are fluffed up, switch off the flame and still leave it covered and allow it to cook in its own steam.


6.       Mix together all the vegetables like cauliflower, French beans, carrots, sweet corn, baby corn except onion and capsicum.

7.       Wash them well, and steam them till ¾ cooked.

8.       The easiest method that I use to get this done is by putting the veggies in a pressure cooker after washing them.

9.       Once the pressure starts to build up in the cooker switch off the gas. Do not allow to whistle or the veggies will be a mush.

10.   Remove all the pressure and steam that has built up in the cooker and run the veggies under cold water. Allow to drain.

11.   Heat oil, when it smokes, add the garlic, sauté till lightly coloured. Add whole green chilliest.

12.   Now add in the onion and sauté on high heat till it starts to lightly burn at the sides.

13.   Also add in the capsicum and allow to get cooked a little.

14.   Put in all the vegetables and sauté on high heat till they start to burn a little at the sides. But be careful not to burn it entirely. This gives it a nice smoky flavour.

15.   At this stage add the prepared pulav rice into the veggies and mix well.

16.   Do not over mix or the basmati grains will break. Even if you have to mix do it with a light hand.

17.   Check for salt and add if required.

18.   Remember salt was already added in the pulav.

19.   Serve hot with dal or any vegetable with gravy.

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