Sunday, 23 February 2014




Cauliflower florets
7 – 8 nos
Broccoli florets
7 – 8 nos
Mushrooms (quartered)
4 – 5 nos
Carrots( cut in sticks 1 cm by 3 cm approx)
½ cup
Baby corn (sliced)           
8 – 10 nos
Sweet corn kernels
¼ cup
Capsicum (sliced)
½  no
Red pepper (sliced)
½  no
Yellow pepper (sliced)
½  no
Green peas (shelled)
¼ cup
Garlic cloves sliced
5 – 6 nos
Olive oil
1 tbsp
Chilli flakes
½ tsp
Mix herbs or oregano
½ tsp



1.       Steam the veggies except mushrooms, capsicum and red and yellow peppers or parboil them till half cooked and still crunchy. Refresh them under cold water and drain.

2.       You can also pressure cook them without water till the pressure builds up, but do not allow to whistle.

3.       Immediately release the pressure and remove the steam from the cooker and refresh the veggies under cold water.

4.       Heat olive oil, add the garlic and allow it to lightly colour.

5.       Then add in the capsicum, red and yellow peppers and stir fry on high heat till it starts to colour at the sides.

6.       Now add in all the parboiled veggies and stir fry on high flame. Add the mushrooms and stir.

7.       Sprinkle salt chilli flakes and oregano or mix herbs.

8.       Stir fry till coated and serve hot immediately. These are good for the health conscious and its tasty too.

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