Thursday, 20 September 2012


The word kharwas itself just melts your heart and makes your mouth water does'nt it ? There have been times when as a child I used to wait for my aai to make kharwas, and the day it was made we used to forget about our meal and my baba and me used to start with dessert and just dig into it. (Dive into the kharwas is a proper word in fact)

Kharwas is made from the first milk or colostrum from the cow or buffalo after she delivers her calf. It is extremly rich in protein and vitamin A.

But now a days there are very rare occasions when you get this milk and so even rare occasions when we make this delicacy. So here you will find and extremely quick and easy method of making kharwas, and guess what there is no need of colostrum. You can make it with the milk readily available at home.


Raw milk (unboiled whole milk)
1 cup
Condensed milk
1 cup
1 cup
Saffron        OR
Cardamom pdr (Elaichi Pdr)
5 – 6 strands OR
¼ tsp


1.       Mix together the raw milk, curd and condensed milk. Blend / churn it well so that it forms a smooth consistency.

2.       Add saffron or elaichi pdr for flavor.

3.       Pour it in a container which has a fitting lid.

4.       Keep it in a pressure cooker. Get one whistle and then simmer for 10 minutes.

5.       Remove and de-mould and garnish with dry fruits.