Sunday, 1 July 2012


Traditionally this poli which resembles like a dhirde was made on a khapar (an earthenware plate) which enhanced its taste manifold. But even if not on a khapar, we can still enjoy this delicacy using a tava.
Rice flour                               2 cups
Urad dal flour                        2 tsp
Besan (Chana dal flour)        2 tsp
Oil                                          2 tsp
Edible Soda                            ¼ tsp
Hot water                  approx. 1 ½ cup
Salt                                         To taste
Rice(raw) to season the griddle   1 cup
(not required if you are using a non stick pan)

Seasoning the griddle (tava)-

In the centre of a flat griddle (tava) spread raw rice to form an approx 6 inches circle.  Heat the tava till the rice starts to change colour and look reddish.

At this stage put a flame to the rice and let it burn. Let the burning rice extinguishes on its own, scrape out the charred remains.

 Wipe the tava with a dry cloth. The place where the rice burned will be rough. Now your tava is ready as this is done for easy removal of the khapar poli. In case of using a non stick pan, this seasoning can completely be omitted. In any case this method is mentioned to maintain its traditional value.
You can also season your tava by applying a layer of paan chuna (edible lime or pickling lime).

1) Sieve together rice flour, urad dal flour and besan (chana dal flour).
2) Rub oil into the sieved flours.
3) Slowly add in hot water and vigorously mix to make a smooth batter.
4) Batter should be thick but have pourable consistency, a little thinner  than dosa batter. Add salt.
5) Cover it and allow it to rest for 15-20 min.
6) Heat the seasoned tava. Just before preparing your khapar poli add soda dissolved in a little water and mix well.
7) Immediately pour a ladle full of the batter. Do not spread. You will notice small holes on the poured batter like the exterior of a honeycomb. Oil is not  required.
8) Cover with a lid and cook on a slow flame. Do not flip over.
9) When the top looks cooked and firm, remove and serve soaked in jaggery sweetened thick coconut milk or jaggery sweetened milk.