Monday, 9 October 2017

KADBOLI BHAJANI / कडबोळी ची भाजणी

Kadboli is a savory snack prepared especially during Diwali. It requires flour or Kadboli Bhajani which is made by roasting separately various grains and then grinding them all together to a fine powdery flour. Sharing with you all the method for preparing the Kadboli Bhajani.

KADBOLI BHAJANI / कडबोळी ची भाजणी 
Tandool / Rice
¼ kg
Jwari / jowar / sorghum or white millet
100 gms
Bajri / bajra / pearl millet
100 gms
Gahu / wheat
100 gms
Moong dal /
100 gms
Chana dal / split Bengal gram
1 tbsp
Urad dal / split black gram
1 tbsp
Jeera / cumin
1 tbsp
Dhane / dhania seeds / coriander seeds
1 tbsp


1.       In the sequence the ingredients are given, dry roast all the ingredients separately till they change their colour a little and turn a light pink.

2.       Mix them all up and allow to cool.

3.       Grind them to a fine flour. Do it preferably from a chakki or flour mill.

4.       Use this kadboli bhajani to make Kadboli’s.

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