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SATYACHI KARANJI / साट्याची करंजी

SATYACHI KARANJI / साट्याची करंजी 



Maida / refined flour
1 cup
A pinch
Hot ghee / clarified butter
1 tsp

Cornflour powder
2 tbsp
Vanaspati ghee / hydrogenated Vegetable oil
2 – 3 tbsp

Maida / refined flour (heaped)
2 cups
Fine rawa / fine semolina (flat)
1 cup
Powdered sugar
3 cups
Ghee / clarified butter
¾ - 1 cup
Khopra / dry coconut (grated, dry roasted and crumbled)
2 cups
Velchi pdr / Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
1 ½ tsp
Almonds powdered
½ cup
Cashewnuts powdered
½ cup



1.       To the maida add salt and hot ghee. Rub it all together.

2.       Add water little at a time as required and knead to a smooth medium soft dough.

3.       Divide the dough into 2 portions.

4.       Cover the portions and allow them to rest for around 2 hours.


5.       To the cornflour add warm vegetable oil and mix it in to form a thick but spreadable paste.


6.       Heat ghee in a pan.

7.       Add in the maida and rawa.

8.        Dry roast the rawa and maida in ghee on a slow flame till it changes colour and turns a light pink.

9.        Remove and allow to cool.

10.   Now to it add the khopra, powdered sugar, almond powder, cashewnut powder and elaichi pdr. Mix all well.


11.   Take 1 portion of the dough ball and roll it out into a chapatti as thinly as possible. Use the flour for it if required.

12.   Apply a layer of sata over the rolled out chapatti. Make sure you spread a thin but generous even layer even till the corners and edges.

13.   Fold the chapatti into half. Again apply sata liberally on the half side.

14.   Fold again to form into a triangle.

15.   Again roll the triangular chapatti to form into a thin circle.

16.   On this apply the sata liberally.

17.   Now roll the chapati as tightly as possible to resemble a pipe.

18.   Using a sharp knife cut the pipe into 2 inch thick pieces.

19.   Take a portion of the cut piece. Make sure the cut side where the spiral layers are seen are on the sides i.e. they are not touching the surface.

20.   Carefully roll it with a rolling pin to form into a circular puri. Make sure you do not press too hard while rolling or you will disturb the layers.

21.   Fold it into half to form a semi circular shape. Stick the edges together till around ¾ the edge. Use a little moisture if required.

22.   From the gap that remains spoon the filling in. Press the filling in as you fill. The karanji should be tightly packed. Stick the remaining corner too.

23.   Using a karanji cutting wheel or a pizza cutter cut out the excess dough at the edges.

24.   Make all the karanjis ready. Leave them to air dry a little for an hour or two. Turn them over once to dry a little of the other side too.

25.   Deep fry them in vanaspati oil on medium to low heat till they are fried and crisp.

26.   Store in an air tight container.

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