Saturday, 30 June 2012


Welcome to Paripoorna Paksiddhi
 It is with immense pleasure that I am starting this blog from today. This day is special because on 30th June 1904 Smt. Lakshmibai (Patwardhan) Vaidya was born who is the author of the book PAKSIDDHI, first published in 1969. She is also my atte-aji (maternal grandmother) and my blog is largely based on her book (Besides these there will also be innumerable recipes of my own).
 She had majorly written this book for new cookery enthusiasts and home makers,  so a lot of emphasis is given on minute details in cooking which can make or break a dish, and even if you create a disaster, how to repair it effectively. The book is a tome of Chittapavan - Koknastha Brahman (maharashtrian) recipes which is being followed for generations and can be followed for generations and hence is useful to all.

The recipes in my blog are a translation from her book, with prior permission from Dr. Mrs. Asmita Risbud who holds the copyrights. The contents on this blog may not be reproduced for any reason commercial or otherwise.